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Designing and Estimation of
Scaffolding Systems

To operate at a higher heights scaffolding is the paramount need of access management universally. With the help of scaffolding, we build a framework where a workman may position himself along with his tools and tackles to perform his required tasks.

At WSL, with the help of our draftsman & engineers who’s having decade of experience in Scaffolding industry serving the need of our clients with designing and estimation of temporary structures required for the construction, petrochemical, rigging and offshore industries.

Designing and Estimation of
Formwork Systems

Formwork is the temporary structure or “mould” used to retain concrete in its fluid shape until it sufficiently hardens to create structural elements such as walls, beams, slabs, columns and footings.

At WSL, our team are long-standing industry experts who have a dynamic approach to design. We utilize our expertise to create practical and cost-effective formwork designs that ensure safety on your job site. Our focus is on exceeding quality expectations, reducing delivery time, cost savings, and most importantly, hazard elimination and risk management.

Our designing and estimation portfolio includes following formwork systems:

  • Slab Formwork Systems
  • Column Formwork Systems
  • Wall Formwork Systems
  • Lift Core Formwork Systems
  • Climbing System

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