WSL Tower System

WSL Heavy Duty Tower System is widely used as staging for heavy floors at higher altitudes, and also serves as scaffolds on certain occasions. Heavy duty frames are braced using standard bracings, forming the heavy duty tower system. Couplers and pins connect frames together, ensuring verticality. Spindles provided at the bottom can be used to adjust height and level. At every 6m interval, the towers are braced with permanent structures that prevent the tower from twisting under abnormal loading conditions.

Each heavy duty tower has an unmatched capacity of 25 MT and is ideal for handling heavy loads at unusual heights. It also serves as Table Formwork in multi-storied constructions and can be handled as single units up to a height of 10m.

The Heavy Duty Basic frames are available in heights of 0.9m, 1.2m or 1.8m. The Heavy Duty Towers are available in two sizes namely 1525×1525 mm or 1525×2250 mm (in plan). Heavy duty towers can also be used as scaffolding for application like external finishing works, painting, cladding etc.

Salient Features

  • High load carrying capacity of 6.25 MT per leg.
  • Rigid and stable with minimum bracings.
  • Easy to erect and dismantle using unskilled labour.
  • Easily shifted using cranes and transport devices.
  • Ideal for heavy floors involving greater heights.
  • Can be converted into stair-tower with ladditional standard components.
  • Towers are available in plan sizes of 1525×1525 mm and 2250×1525 mm.
  • Can be used as scaffolding for external finishing works, painting, cladding, etc.
  • Height adjustments up to 700 mm is made possible by adjustable spindles at top and bottom.

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