WSL Stair Tower System

WSL Stair Tower is a safe and sturdier system used as a temporary access for men, materials, etc. to reach the receptive heights in construction sites. The 1525 x 2250 mm heavy duty tower can be converted into a Stair Tower system with additional components such as landings, handrails, etc.

Salient Features

  • Light, easy to handle components.
  • Size in plan is only 1525mm x 2250mm.
  • Very safe and convenient system for accessing up to 100m height with a provision of bracings to permanent structure at every 6m height intervals.
  • Landing at every 1.20m height.
  • Uses only Standard Heavy Duty Scaffold units and additional components.
  • Shifting of structure easily achieved through transport devices.
  • Built-in safety to the highest level.

Wheels Scaffolding (India) Ltd.

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