WSL – H Frames System

WSL’s frame scaffolding belongs to system scaffolding. The frame and cross brace are the main components, so it is named after its shape. This kind of modular scaffolding may be the most commonly used in construction industry. In building construction, decoration, and maintenance projects, we can find that the frame scaffolding with plank, transom, and guardrail is a significant choice among steel facade scaffolding systems.

There are three kinds of H-frame scaffolding in our experience along with our customers, such as American Frame, Euro Frame, and Japanese Frame. There are other specific names of frame scaffolding in this industry, like baker scaffolding that is actually narrow frame scaffolding, if you add caster on it, you can move it easily, known as portable scaffolding or rolling scaffolding in some areas.

Following, we list some common data of frame scaffolding. The frame is made in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and we can meet customer’s requirements in width, height, OD, thickness, etc. Meanwhile, we also supply the steel and aluminum plank, casters to satisfy customer’s applications.

American Frame Scaffolding

Step Frame

Step Frame, also called Mason Frame, Leg Tube: OD41.2mm, Surface treatment: Powder Coated

CodeDescriptionWidth (In)Width (M)Height (In)Height (M)
WSL-HAF-015’*3′ Step Frame601.524360.914
WSL-HAF-025’*4′ Step Frame601.524481.219
WSL-HAF-035’*5′ Step Frame601.524601.524
WSL-HAF-045’*6’4″ Step Frame601.524761.93

Walk Through Frame

Leg Tube: OD41.2mm, Surface treatment: Powder Coated

CodeDescriptionWidth (in)Width (M)Height (In)Height (M)
WSL-HAFW-014’*5’7″ Walk Through Frame481.219671.702
WSL-HAFW-024’*6’4″ Walk Through Frame481.219761.93
WSL-HAFW-035’*4′ Walk Through Frame601.524481219
WSL-HAFW-045’*6’4″ Walk Through Frame601.524761.93
WSL-HAFW-045’*6’7″ Walk Through Frame601.524792.007

Ladder Frame

Leg Tube: OD41.2mm, Surface treatment: Powder Coated

CodeDescriptionWidth (In)Width (M)Height (In)Height (M)
WSL-HAFL-012’*5′ Ladder Frame240.61601.524
WSL-HAFL-022’*6’4″ Ladder Frame240.61761.93
WSL-HAFL-033’*4′ Ladder Frame360.914481219
WSL-HAFL-043’*5′ Ladder Frame360.914601.524
WSL-HAFL-053’*6′ Ladder Frame360.914721.829

Japanese Frame Scaffolding

Japanese Frame – 01

Surface treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized


Japanese Frame – 02

Surface treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized


Japanese Frame – 03

Surface treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized


Euro Frame

Euro Assembly Frame

Surface treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized

CodeDescriptionWidth (In)Width (M)Height (In)Height (M)
WSL-HEA-012’5″*3’3″ Step Frame290.73391
WSL-HEA-022’5″*6’7″ Step Frame290.73792

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